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June has arrived! Summertime means white nights. The days are long and filled with light, giving you more time to explore and immerse yourself in Estonian nature and culture.  


We're also counting down the days to Midsummer festivities! Jaanipäev, as we call it in Estonia, is one of the most important holidays — read the article to learn about our traditions and ways to celebrate if you happen to be in Estonia during the holiday. 


Right after Midsummer, we also have the XIII Youth Song & Dance Festival. Thousands of Estonians in choirs and traditional dance groups gather together to celebrate the Estonian spirit. It is a once-in-a-liftetime experience, and we highly recommend seeing it in person!


Have a magical summer! Visit Estonia!


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Discover Midsummer traditions in Estonia

Midsummer celebrations

Midsummer or St. John's Day — Jaanipäev in Estonian — is one of the oldest and most important celebrations in Estonia. It's the time of year when day bleeds into night and there's barely any darkness in sight.


Midsummer festivities in Estonia begin on the eve of June 23rd and conclude on June 24th. Estonians barely sleep during this bright period, sitting outside in the twilight, faces lit by the glow of bonfires.

Learn how to celebrate Jaanipäev

Tallinn's summertime white nights

Tallinn's summertime white nights

During Estonia's white nights, the sun rises around 4 am and sets a bit before 11 pm. Daylight fades to twilight but never goes pitch-black. Take advantage of this extra time by staying up and staying out into the wee hours. Here are some ideas to make the most of Tallinn during the magical white nights of summer.

Explore Tallinn at night

Special invitation to explore nature with locals!

Explore nature with locals

The members of the Estonian Nature Tourism Association invite you to hike all around Estonia! Every weekend a different hike will introduce you to the charms of Estonian nature. Each event is different — hiking and nature viewing, cycling and discovery tours, or even going on rivers in canoes or sea kayaks.

With a tour leader or hiking guide, nature is more accessible and the experience more memorable. You acquire new knowledge of the region and gain the experience needed to explore nature on your own! Join one of the planned hikes alone, with a partner, or a small group — details with prices and more information can be found at the link below.

Find a weekend nature hike

20 eco-friendly holiday homes in the wild

Folk festivals

This year, the MICHELIN Guide awarded Soo Restaurant at Maidla Nature Resort (pictured above) a Green Star for their focus on sustainability. Of course, there are many other "green" accommodation options in Estonia.


This list includes Green Key label options along with others included on the Green Traveler list of recommended accommodations. All of them are located in the depths of Estonia's untouched nature, where you can disconnect, unwind, and recharge.

Find the perfect green holiday home

Experience Estonia's Song and Dance Festival

Song and Dance Festival

The song and dance festival is aptly called an Estonian family reunion. It is a celebration of the Estonian language, culture, music, and traditions. This year is the 13th Annual Youth Song and Dance Festival and the next general festival will be held in 2025.


The dance festival features three identical dance performances at Tallinn's Kalev Central Stadium, which accommodates 10,000 spectators. The song festival will take place on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, which accommodates approximately 70,000 spectators. Tickets are already on sale!

Experience this year's festival

A complete guide to camping in Estonia

Camping in Estonia

Estonia is a dream destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature. We've compiled an overview of a few places to start your search. Of course, there's a lot more to see than what's on this list, so use it as a starting point and get out and explore!


Thanks to Estonia's Freedom to Roam policy, you're not limited to official RMK campsites, though these tend to have the basic amenities needed for an enjoyable holiday in nature. Keep in mind these are wild campsites; you won't find showers or electric hook-ups or flush toilets. But many of these campfire sites have a fire pit, sheltered picnic tables, dry toilets, and trash bins, and best of all... they're free!


Start planning a camping trip

Estonia in the news

Why fall in love with Estonia

The Kent Herald tells you why you should fall in love with Estonia and outlines top spots to visit.


Outside Tallinn city walls

Forbes says the best of Tallinn is outside the medieval walls in the city's hip neighborhoods.


Tartu city break

The Independent says Tartu, Capital of Culture 2024, should be on everyone’s lips.



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