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Winter is here! The snow has been falling for the past week, and most of the country is covered in white — just in time for the opening of Tallinn's famous Christmas Market and Tartu's enchanting Christmas City!


The markets aren't the only things opening this weekend — Advent calendars will be, too! Of course, this includes the annual Estonian Advent calendar. Every day, you can learn something new and discover one more reason to visit Estonia for a winter getaway. 


Merry Christmas!


The Visit Estonia Team


The Estonian Advent calendar starts today!

Advent calendar

Behind the Advent calendar doors lie hidden magical facts about Estonia. Open the doors one day at a time to learn about Christmas in Estonia and our snowy winter season.


Christmas is also known as a season for giving. Give your friends a chance to discover Estonia and share this calendar!

Open the first door!

Visit one of the best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas in Tallinn

Snowflakes float down over the red rooftops and cobblestone streets. Candles and fairy lights illuminate cafe windows, beckoning you in for a cup of hot mulled wine. Whether you've come to see the legendary Christmas tree or just want to experience a white, snowy winter, this is your guide to Christmas in Tallinn.


Tallinn's main attraction is the world-famous Christmas market on Town Hall Square. In 2019, the Tallinn Christmas Market was named the Best Christmas Market in Europe and is still considered one of Europe's best Christmas markets to visit in 2023. This year, the market is open from 1 December 2023 until 7 January 2024.

Plan a festive holiday in Tallinn

Experience a breathtaking winter in Estonia

Winter holiday in Estonia

Estonia makes for an unforgettable winter destination with its snowy forests and frozen lakes. From cross-country skiing to post-sauna swims in sub-zero temperatures, this Nordic wonderland welcomes you with activities to invigorate your body and soothe your soul. With so much to do, you will not even feel the cold!

Explore a winter wonderland

Winter weather is spa weather!

Spas in Estonia

The weather outside may be frightful... but inside the spa, it is delightful!


Estonia has been a spa and health resort destination for hundreds of years. Spas take advantage of the surrounding nature by using local ingredients, such as mineral-rich mud, juniper leaves and berries, natural spring water, and peat for their treatments. No Estonian spa experience is complete without a sauna, a tradition so deeply rooted in Estonian culture that the smoke sauna ritual is on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Here is where to find the most relaxing spas in Estonia.

Treat yourself!

Estonia in the media

Tallinn Christmas market

The Family Traveller includes Tallinn in their best Christmas markets for children.


places to eat in Tallinn

Forbes says Tallinn is having a moment as it finds the best places to eat and drink.


Smoke sauna

The Guardian discovers what initiation into the "smoke sauna sisterhood" looks like.



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smoke sauna
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